Guerciotti by Alan

Jenny from PR found this Guerciotti cross frame in a dark, dusty attic in a neglected corner of the Internet. Seduced by the red anodized aluminum tubes, the matte aluminum lugs and of course the World Championship stripes, Jenny had to have it. She searched under the sofa cushions for loose change and in her sock drawer for silver dollars that her grand dad had given her. She put the silver dollars back in the drawer but sent the loose change along with some cherished recipes to the bike’s owner. Two weeks later a large and impossibly light box arrived.

ALAN (ALuminum ANodized) was a pioneer in aluminum bicycle construction. ALAN used tubes made of aerospace grade aluminum, which was very different from the popular Coors can grade aluminum used in the States at the time.

Jenny from PR caught the bike bug last year when everybody else was worried about swine flu. Over the next few weeks or months we will feature more of the Heroes bikes, including Jenny’s Zeus.