Le Ramrod at Black Hunger

Tenspeed Hero has roots in Idaho. Back about ten or twenty years ago a couple of Heroes went to Idaho for Luke Hero’s sister’s wedding. But that is a long story, rife with guns, rattlesnakes, strippers and stolen fish and thus will be saved for another time. But the hinted at events eventually led to Jonathan Hero’s recent move to Boise, Idaho. Tenspeed Hero has a little desk in the back of Black Hunger Studio, where Jonathan sometimes sits.

This Saturday Back Hunger will host Le Ramrod as it visits Idaho for the first time. The intrepid bike will be displayed in a place of honor in the center of the gallery. The Tenspeed Hero Newspaper will accompany the bike on a wall nearby. You may remember that Todd Hero rode Le Ramrod in the Rapha Paris-Roubaix Challenge. When the bike was unpacked, one of the mechanics exclaimed, “She looks like she was rode hard and put away wet.” That’s the way people talk in Idaho. Jonathan simply said, “I reckon she was. I reckon she was,” as he gazed at the bike with moist eyes. Then he lovingly wiped her down with a soft chamois. Unfortunately the chamois did nothing to restore her JB luster. So Jonathan scrubbed her with soap and water, and occasionally dabbed her with a rag saturated with WD-40.

If you happen to be in Boise or heck – if you are in Idaho this Saturday evening please come by and bask in the glow of Le Ramrod and enjoy a screening of a Sunday in Hell. There will be food.