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French Roads we Love

Or / Switchbacks we Love / And One White Horse / Southern France, the part near the Mediterranean, is a…


Roads We Love

Rocky Canyon Road, Ada County, Idaho / 38 miles / 3,000 ft of climbing / One white horse / Just…

Pearl Road

Roads we Love

Pearl Road, Gem County, Idaho / 33 miles / 2,954 ft of climbing / One white horse /

White tail

From Lewis to Clark

Roads we Love / I didn’t see either of the birds named after the famous men but I did see…


Heroes at the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race

It would fun to be able to say, even half truthfully, that the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race was easy or even…

Cardiac Bypass

Roads We Love

Auburn, California, Endurance Capital of the World, has trails and roads befitting the title. Even if it is an honorary…

Tenspeed Hero

Mississippi River Ride

Along the Mississippi River in Northern Illinois one is likely to find a combination of terrain that reminds Tenspeed Hero…

Ski Lift

Bogus Bike Ride

Soon after Tenspeed Hero located one of its many headquarters in Boise, Idaho, we noticed stickers that said “Bogus.” To…


Treat Yourself to Girona

While planning a treat yourself themed and intentionally non-cycling related trip to Spain I realized that while in Spain I might…

Luke Bike

Italian Steel in Idaho

What you find while minding your own business rummaging through a friend’s garage may be treasure. Fore instance, in Sacramento…

Gravel Metric 2012

The Gravel Metric Reminds Us

Last Sunday, while western Heroes bathed in champagne and stuffed newspapers up ladies’ shirts, the Tenspeed Hero / J.P. Graziano…

The Hour Record

The Festive 500 and Chicago Ride Guide

Rapha’s Festive 500 Ride to Redemption Challenge: Ride 500 kilometers between the 23rd and 31st of December. While 500k (311…