Heroes at the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race

It would fun to be able to say, even half truthfully, that the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race was easy or even half-way kind of easy. Like those kids who finished math tests first then said, “That was easy.” We will have to wait for the rider’s reports, but I think “easy” will not be an adjective used to describe the ride.

We can use easy to describe the experience of working with Golden Saddle Cyclery. The Chicago-based TSH racing team had shipped their bikes to the Silver Lake shop a few days earlier.

We spotted the bike boxes behind the iron gate next to the shop before we even exited our minivan. Kyle hooked us up with a bike stand and we got to work. At least one of the Heroes observed, “We couldn’t do this in Chicago,” as we basked in the southern Californian warmth and assembled the bikes.

As we were putting the finishing touches our bikes, the group ride that we sadly missed rolled up. People that, until now, some of us knew only through social apps on our phones appeared before us.

Like Julie Krazniak and the elusive Kansas Waugh (off camera to the left).We did get a nice shot of his bike though (below).

After a long night of beer related festivities (we didn’t go to bed until almost 10:00!) we loaded the bikes into the Dodge Caravan then headed to Golden Road Brewery where we were greeted by the effervescent Kansas Waugh.

Soon it was our team’s turn to start. The tension was palpable. Or wait, is Zach falling asleep? No, just stretching.

When John threw his arm warmers to me, I knew my role had changed from team photographer to soigneur. I guess I should have figured that out while massaging the guys’ legs the night before.

A beautiful day for a ride with friends as illustrated by beautiful Michael B as he heads off with lens flare in tow.

It took Alison and I a surprisingly long time to finally catch up with the team even though we were driving a 2013 Dodge Caravan. When we did catch them, they were in the process of being dropped by a local group ride. We told the boys not to let it get them down. These local dudes were older, much older, and therefore stronger and more experienced.

Next we will hear a firsthand account from a rider.