Eddy Merckx NOS Chrome Fork


Ebay is a beautiful place. One does not have to hear the cycling industry’s marketing chatter and prose of manufactured goods but rather the simple and pragmatic words of men and women selling extra wares. One can only imagine where one gets a stash of NOS Eddy Merckx forks but do a quick search and you will find them on that auction site for a pretty penny. Are these box crowned, chrome wonders worth the price of an enve 2.0? Of course they are.

NOS By another name

When the heroes were little boys we sat around a campfire with a young Vietnam vet. He hunted birds with our father in Idaho. We would ask him about the war and he would give sketches meant for children our age, “sometimes it was real wet, but sometimes there was fire…” And once he offered, “Me an a couple buddies came upon a village and we found a crate of brand new vintage greener shotguns.” We asked him what they did with them as we coveted the respected make well. “We had to burn them up. It was war.”

Method Bicycles

Thanks to Method Bicycles for trimming, cutting, and preparing this fork. Looking forward to the ride.