Elite Women Racers of Jingle Cross

This portfolio of women’s elite racers fighting to win is no typical “race report”. Of course we shout Courtenay McFadden’s name! Courtenay McFadden! Courtenay McFadden! Courtenay McFadden! Yes!
But lets give three cheers to cyclocross and three cheers to the women’s elite! Cross is here and women’s elite racing has never been better represented!

The mud in your teeth as you smile! the ice clogging up your cleats! Kicking your pedals in frustration! Dancing through the off-camber switchbacks! Hey Katerina Nash! Hey Laurel Rathbun! Hey Emily Shields! Hey Caroline Mani! Hey Dani Arman! Thanks for the inspiration and building this sport one race at a time!

Photos by Isaiah Jay, Patrick Kenny, Samuel Copeland, Luke Batten, and Alex Wallbaum