TSH Resort: Sprinkle Watts

What we do and think and feel and dream of as youngsters becomes part of our elemental psyche and pushes us in ways we don’t always realize, when we’re all growed up.

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Words By Hannah Burtness

“When you accidentally get hagelslag in your luggage, it follows you around like a curse. A curse of delicious chocolate, though, which I suppose could be considered a blessing. Other things that can be considered blessings: rain, snow days, cloudy skies, that electric shock you get when you’re wearing socks and walk across carpet and touch something metal. Other things that get stuck in your luggage and surprise you with happiness when you least expect it: confetti from a NYE glitter drop, Icelandic krona, receipts from that date that didn’t end up leading anywhere but it sure was a nice time, even so.

Embrace the random happinesses, join the #sprinklewatts crew, and add this blessing to your luggage. Today. Sprinkles, y’all!”

Blue Sprinkles for Women

Blue Sprinkles for Men

Green Sprinkles for Women

Pink Sprinkles for Men

Green Sprinkles for Men

Blue Sprinkles Cap

Pink Sprinkles for Women

Long Sleeve Blue Sprinkles for Men

Pro Sprinkle Bibs for Women

Long Sleeve Blue Sprinkles for Women