A girl, a truck and the large and small moments of a race

The heroes spied this young girl frying hot dogs, hamburgers, and frites during the 88 Kilometer Grand Prix Irenee Minet in Callanelle. She works with her sister in her parent’s food truck and their cause is to make it to all the bike races in belgium, large and small. A local paper has even written a story about their travels and passion for local racing

“Do you want some sauce for your frites,” she asks. “may we have two sauces?” we enquire. “Oui, Bien Sur!” comes the reply. On the bell lap she jolts out of the truck; her father is close by and soon wraps his broad arms around her and they talk about the race. She hollers loudly when the final sprint comes! Hurray! Within 10 minutes of the last rider crossing the line, the sisters and their father have packed up the truck and say goodbye to the Grand Prix Irenee Minet