Ambrosio Nemesis

Made in Italy
Built in Belgium

It is possible you’ll wake up on Christmas morning and you will find two wheel bags sitting under the christmas tree. Your significant other has been listening to you talk on and on and on about Ambrosio Nemesis’s built with Record or dura-Ace or was it Chris King or maybe DT-Swiss hubs. Who knows? Who Cares? But this lovely person grabbed your old, black Mavic wheel-bags, the ones with the broken zippers and the twenty dollar bill hidden in the skewer pocket and they slid these wheels inside. You may have also read an article on some cycling website about how some director sportif took Tom Boonen to a velodrome to show Tommeke how awesomely fast and tough deep dish carbon wheels are and how slow his ancient ambrosios are in comparison. You said “fuck it” and later added, “guess what?, when boonen retires in a few years he still will have won more classics on these wheels, so there.” Yes, your friends will nod up and down. And Yes, it is possible these wheels are under the tree and it is possible there is some tubular glue in your stocking. It is all possible.