Smil Cake Stand

Copenhagen: Two Favorite Things

Who are we, this humble blog based in Chicago to give out awards; instead we give mentions and love. Our memory drifts back to Copenhagen and there were a couple of standouts during the 2011 UCI World Championship that we must mention. No, not the Manx Missile and the incredible GB Team but rather two girls who wheeled out their cake and coffee cart for the thousands of hungry spectators. There were dozens of these carts along the Road circuit but this one caught our eye. Smil or Smile in English. You inspire us with your style, cleverness and Dream Cake!

And on a hedge, in the middle of the course, a shrine to Jørgen Leth accompanied with little hand drawn signs noting the greats–Coppi etc. We think you are on to something as Mr. Leth and his great cycling and art films are worthy indeed of scaring little Danish children who happened to look up to this ominous head with a hedge for a body. Carry on…