Campagnolo SRM

The Heroes would like to nominate Campagnolo SRM Power Meter as the most likely component to start an argument in 2011.

We will be the first to admit that upon seeing the new Campagnolo SRM, we were stunned. Among the first to comment on the late arrival to the SRM family was James Huang of cycling news. The fact that the component was introduced to the public via Philippe Gilbert’s Canyon Aeroad CF during the Tour de France was brilliant piece of marketing; pairing your premier component with the rider of the year (by most accounts) must have been an easy choice. Still we think SRM should buy an extra bottle of champagne for the marketing crew at the SRM Christmas party.

Those who love Campagnolo have been waiting for two decades to have their very own SRM with matching decals to go with their trophy bike. Until now, the two companies were ships passing through the night. Lets hope wikileaks dumps all the secret emails over the years between SRM in Germany and Campagnolo in Italy. We can imagine the negotiations must have been something like the high drama of Apple Computer’s negotiations with Apple Records- as in Steve Jobs calling Apple Records every few months and mentioning how cool it would be to have the Beatles on the team.

Over the years, we have been witness to many road bike reviews forums on the subject of power meters and there are some wonderful “conversations” between the believers and the non-believers. Actually on these forums they all believe in power meters; the argument focuses on choosing your platform and deciding if you have enough money left over to contribute to your child’s college saving plan. Once you have decided on the state school option for your young scholar your choices in measuring watts are many; see the coming flood of pedal based meters, and the stand by options of Quarq, and Cycleop’s Powertap.

Arguments over an idea, technology and the price that goes with it are passionately intense in the sport of cycling.We suppose there maybe some grumbling on the county golf course over the price of a $2499 driver , but the golfing world has less qualms on the status and cost of their sport and last we checked 2K drivers do not need batteries. In cycling choosing and the costs of components have a red state vs blue state intensity.

One thing we are sure of: in cycling, laying off that Belgian beer will do more for you in getting up that hill than having a power meter. But some Heroes around the world like to calibrate all the complexities of power output. The usual parameters of heart rate, outside temperature and rider weight are enough for many, but some Chicago Heroes like also to factor in beer, bourbon and cheese fries when looking at their data.

So we cheer on the argument of whether any sane person would shell out five thousand dollars on a power meter but we also admit to a fair degree of envy. There is nothing in the world like riding a century, staring at that damn red box and pushing yourself to maintain some watts. Plus the thing looks beautiful! Chapeau SRM and Campagnolo.