Emma Johansson Speaks

“I am totally disabled now, I drink through straws and need to be fed when I eat. … it could have been much worse. Now it’s important that the injury heals completely, But I have no pain in my legs and I can breathe so I might be able to pedal soon.”
Emma Johansson via Sportbladet

We often muse seriously and not so seriously about the Heroic but upon hearing Sweden’s wonderful Emma Johansson was involved in a car crash while training in Grand Canaria on January 14th we held our breath as we read through the brief report. With two broken collar bones the Olympic Silver Medalist and Swedish Road Champion unsurprisingly uttered a few words that conjure the Heroic, the Measured, and perhaps her best quality, the hopeful.

Her home on the internet is full of lovely posts about her racing career, family, training, humor and love of nature. Please take a look. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her battles with Vos, Pooley and the rest of the women’s peloton.