To Be Tulsa Tough

Words by Lucy Batten + Photos by Samuel J. Copeland and Luke Batten

To be Tulsa Tough requires a tough team. A team founded on the bonds of sisterhood. Forged in fiery temperatures on hot pavement. Tested by competition and the limits of the human body. Crashes and road rashes tear at the team. Victories and champagne showers reignite their spirits. This is the story of ISCorp presented by Smart Choice in Tulsa as told by Tenspeed Hero.


ISCorp presented by Smart Choice is first and foremost a group of strong, talented, intelligent, and beautiful (on the inside and out) women. Each member of the team adds something special and without each person they wouldn’t be able to succeed as much as they do.

Sam and Skylar Schneider

The Schneider sisters’ name precedes them wherever they go and rightly so. With 11 National Championships under Sam’s belt and Skylar being the youngest professional woman racer at only 16 years old, it is clear why they have become not only a power duo but the duo to beat. Luckily for the Schneider sisters, they have some of the greatest women ever on their team to support them and for the sisters to support in return.

Nicolle Bruderer

Nicolle Bruderer is not only a fantastic racer, but also one of the most genuine and uplifting people on this Earth. With a smile and a quick wit she is able to de-escalate tense moments and remind her teammates to not forget to have fun.

Lexie Millard

Lexie Millard’s determination to become a better cyclist is clear as she discusses strategy with Skylar over dinner. By taking the constructive criticism from her teammates and then putting it into practice on the road, Lexie continually makes huge strides and is becoming a great cyclist and teammate for ISCorp.

Nicole Mertz

Out of the women on ISCorp we would choose Nicole Mertz to be on our team in a street-fight. Despite crashing the first day she continued racing with tenacity and maintained her intense attitude.

Yussely Soto

Yussely Soto fought through a flu and a crash in Tulsa, but continued to work for her teammates as if she were in perfect health. Her ability to push through the pain and at the end of the day joke around with her teammates shows just how strong she is.

Collectively these women make a well oiled racing machine and individually each person is as finely tuned as a Sram drive-train.

Team! Team! Team!

These members of ISCorp experienced both wins and losses at Tulsa Tough. Disappointment was palpable in the air at times, but they realigned themselves and came back to the start line each day with a fresh perspective. Being able to bounce back from the crashes and losses and work together as a team to was key to their ultimate success in Tulsa.

This wouldn’t have been possible without their close bonds to each other. These tight relationships are obvious as you see them prep for the race. Little acts like spraying each other with sunscreen and adjusting each others helmets show their close relationship with their fellow teammates.

In the field they are constantly talking, helping pull one another up to the front, and pushing the pace together.

When it comes time for the podium the ISCorp women are always there cheering for each other and for their competition; something which can be rare to see in the competitive world of cycling. Egos and attitudes plague many sports, but the ISCorp women try to remove themselves from that side of cycling. This no-drama attitude keeps the ISCorp girls focused on the race and not the competition. They are class acts in every sense and they proved themselves to be Tulsa Tough as well.

TSH celebrates Sam Schneider’s day two stage win + 2nd on day three and Nicky Bruderer’s 2nd place finish in day one and her third overall omnium podium!