Exergy Tour: Prologue Parking Lot

One thing Tenspeed Hero can tell you about the Exergy Tour is that Lauren Hall of Team Tibco is funny and she scored a 15th place in the Prologue for good measure. We will be looking for her in a sprint or two this week. Geerike Schreurs is an easy going Nederlander with a beautiful smile who asked where these photographs were headed? “Tenspeed Hero!” and then when confusion ensued we showed her our press pass and she said she would look us up. Next time we will say “Tenspeed Hero: The Home of Women’s Cycling!” By the way Gerrike Schreurs came in at 37th place, 20 seconds down on the winner Tara Whitten from Team Tibco. And Lest we forget, congratulations to Tara Whitten (Tibco…4:09), Gillian Carleton (Canadian National Team…00″) and Clara Hughes (Team Specialized-lululemon…00″) for the top three steps on the podium!