Fabian Cancellara Wins the prologue of the 2012 TDF

The Heroes write this post from a small, dark room at Hero Headquarters in Chicago. We say dark because we turned off all the lights and just let the coverage illuminate the studio to protect our communally held hangovers . Last night we rallied at our local bar, the Publican, and imbibed 9 percent Belgian beers. In between shouts of “just one more” we talked favorites, dark horses, no chances and redemption. General consensus among us the Heroes, Bradley Wiggins is our sentimental favorite. He races for victory all year and his efforts this Spring have been inspiring. By the end of the night we were drunk and this morning thirsty and looking for some codeine laced cold medicine we picked up in France. It works!

For the first time in three years we have decided to do our tour coverage stateside and our next European race coverage will have to wait to until the World Championships. The scene will be played out thusly, Becca, Luke, Ria, Todd, Jonathan, and Claire will gather at Hero HQ at our big white table. Coffee will be served, tables pounded, and live feeds watched. Becca Goesling will be working on magical illustrations for race coverage. Ria will be researching Tour start and finish towns, big and small. Todd will be looking for the human drama . Jonathan will be looking at geography, birds and the geology of France. Claire will be thinking about perspective and challenging us to write something to elucidate the race in a Heroic way.

So our first tip of the hat this year goes to Fabian Cancellara. We look forward to sifting through his tweets later today to further develop our understanding of Fabianese. Let us speak his name one more time, FABIAN CANCELLARA, the king has returned and will be wearing yellow tomorrow. All is right at the TDF, the Radio Shack Bus, and the little suburb of Wohlen bei Bern in Switzerland. Bring on the kisses, the Alps, the Caravan, the uphill finishes and maybe some last minute cheap tickets to France (You Never Know). The next three weeks will be beautiful.