Giro Prolight Review, Not Really

At Tenspeed Hero we are not sure how we feel about product reviews It is not that they are not useful and informative but somebody else’s opinion about a product often feels as subjective as describing a painting or why they love the taste of bananas more than apples. Of course technology should be different right? There should be something that it does better than the previous version or other brand does not do as well. But we often find what makes It, It, has more to it than press releases, hyper-emphatic reviews or the silliness of weights and measures. That is why for the most part we really just like to take pictures of our friends along with our favorite bike parts.

At a Hero coffee break the other day we started talking about how to take a picture of the a helmet in an interesting way. It kind of seemed an impossible task. We could have photographed it with a nod to its “objectness” or “thingness” as the Industrial Designer’s like to reference but Competitive Cyclist already does a proper job of that. Ideas that were floated with snickers and laughs were Helmets full of Kittens!, Helmets Floating like Balloons!, and Helmets on Dudes named Helmut!

Now a few of the Heroes love the Giro Prolight because of its so named lightness (200 grams) and strap simplicity and have stated that it is almost unnoticeable in the right conditions. Of course it is there, no matter what ones says so we thought we would try to capture our proper mood in relation to the helmet that has saved many a life but is often begrudgingly put on, especially on hot days! or quick trips to the store. Truthfully we put our helmets on without much complaint but deep down there is the tiniest bit of a teenage rebellion that wells up as we place it on our heads. So in a gallery prepared for you, we offer some photographs channeling our teenage impertinence and a few to show the simplicity of nylon straps and a little bit of elastic.