By Jennifer Haare

When Jenny Hero was in High School she wanted to do something to make her stand out. She went to the beauty supply store and bought a bottle of purple hair dye. It wasn’t a full head of purple hair that she wanted: just a streak. So one night, after everyone in her suburban home had gone to bed, she crept into the bathroom and began the work of adding a bit of purple to the left of her side-parted head. A little piece of hair tucked behind her ear would do. She wrapped it in foil and watched two episodes of Frasier before checking back. When she uncoiled the foiled tendril, there was a radioactive looking purple streak. She gasped in excitement, in awe, and even found herself admiring it over her natural locks. But here’s the thing: slowly, after each shampoo, that streak faded away. 27 games later, it was gone. GO BULLS.