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Raheem’s Rivendell

A Joe Appaloosa on Milwaukee Avenue / By Luke Batten / Photos by Carolina Gil / I was riding north…


Lakefront Musings

Thoughts by Hannah Burtness / Is there anything more soothing than water? Ever changing, ever moving. Completely unconcerned with your…


How to FIKA

Sweden has given us many gifts: Ikea, Alfred Nobel and his peace prize, Pippi Longstocking, ABBA, Alexander Skarsgård, Ace of…


Chicago City Guide

CHICAGO, ACCORDING TO TSH / By Jess Duffy & Alex Wallbaum / INTERACTIVE MAP / Chicago, the windy city, a…

Tenspeed Hero

Illinois State Championship at Montrose Harbor


The Seven Minute Workout

Three Reasons to do the 7-Minute Workout / 1. Workouts are good for you. Like spinach salads, sunsets, and a…

Les Petites Victoires

Les Petites Victoires

Tenspeed Hero called Chicagoan Cady Chintis last winter and asked how we could help out with the three-woman racing team…



By Jennifer Haare / When Jenny Hero was in High School she wanted to do something to make her stand…


TSH: Some Kind of Horse Blog

There are no spring road races in Chicago yet so Tenspeed Heroes visit the Hawthorne Race Track in Cicero, Illinois….

Short Story about a Knee Warmer

Short Story about a Knee Warmer

Words by Todd Simeone / The craziest thing happened to me. I was riding to work today when a dirtied,…

Andrew Zens Signs Autographs

Fans of Zens

Glencoe Girls Clamour for Stories and Signatures from Rhythm Racing’s Andrew Zens. / Now The Heroes have no idea where…

Matthew Modine Takes a Lap in Glencoe

Private Joker Takes a Lap

“This is my bicycle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” / Whilst Matthew Modine once said…