Hoop Dreams

Oscar season has us thinking about great films that were overlooked in the past like Hoop Dreams. And Hoop Dreams has us thinking of these beautiful Mavic Reflex tubulars that Jonathan Hero has been putting off building.

The rims were bought for the unheard of price of $5. But in truth Jonathan cannot remember what he paid except that the price was unheard of. And you wont hear of it here. He purchased them from a local bike shop that was closing. A sad event to be sure. Nevertheless Jonathan seized the rims. Carpe ora! Making milk from lemonade as it were. Or something like that.

A year later and the rims are missing two parts: spokes and hubs. Or if you prefer a different way of counting: 64 spokes and two hubs. Put another way: 64 DT Swiss Competition Double Butted Scratch Resistant Alloy Nipples, Spokes, and two Chris King Hubs.

Wheel building is an excellent winter pass time. If winter ever comes we are sure Jonathan will get these wheels assembled in a jiffy.