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Cielo + Tenspeed Hero

I was working on a top 10 list, as I do from time to time, when this Tenspeed Hero/Cielo Base…

Tenspeed Hero

Chris King + Spring Stuffs

Women’s Chris King Jersey, Chris King Water Bottles, Men’s Chris King Jersey, TSH // Chris King // Cielo / Men’s…


Dear Chris King, TDF and Method Bicycles

Dear Chris King, First we speak for everyone. Last year we acquired some hubs, R45 hubs to be exact, in…

Chris King Caption Contest

Chris King Buzz, Hubs, TSH and Instagram

Last Spring we delivered Chris King R45 Hubs to Patrick Degeyter in Belgium to build wheels for young Belgian Heroes….


Hubs and Spokes–feat. Chris King, DT SWISS…

And Campagnolo, Sapim /


Hoop Dreams

Oscar season has us thinking about great films that were overlooked in the past like Hoop Dreams. And Hoop Dreams…