Illustrations, Grid layouts and Lucy’s Favorites

Imagine Tenspeed Hero is a spaceship. This spaceship has white walls, parquet flooring, large wooden tables, and Steve Jobs produced computers. Each member of the crew is capable of running the website, shipping socks, designing water bottles and thinking of the next celebrated jersey design. Importantly, each member of the spaceship is brought on through word of mouth, random conversation, love of Belgium/France, and sense of humor. Everyone is expected to bring their obsession, discipline or lack thereof. Everyone must write, most can design, and some can photograph. When this is not enough we travel long roads and seek advice on what to do next. Input and collaboration are essential. Our methodology is focused but asymmetrical. For example, in airports from Chicago, with a three day layover in Boise, we thought long and hard about the grid arrangement of our Tour illustrations set to be installed at the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco. Becca produced so many possible grids that we dare not post them all. We considered order of stages but we are not much for theories of intelligent design especially when it comes to organic and subjective arranging of Heroism, colorful prints and sport. We considered average color, and quantitative dispersal. Strategy and tactics diminishing, Becca asked her friend and my seventeen year-old niece Lucy, a Tifosi from the mountains of Idaho, to opine on her ideal grid. She chose to order them by her favorite cyclists. Why did we not think of this? Anyway, we, The Tenspeed Heroes share with you a bit of our madness for this sport via carefully pinned prints and an insructional how-to on illustrating by Ms. Goesling herself.