Tenspeed Hero Art at the Rapha Cycle Club SF

Rebecca Goesling + Tenspeed Hero

In San Francisco on Saturday, August 25th at 7 PM the Tenspeed Heroes will be in residence at the Rapha Cycle Club-San Francisco! We will exhibiting Rebecca Goesling’s illustrations created for our coverage for the Tour de France. It will be beautiful. It will colorful. It will be glittering. In addition we are creating an All TENSPEED HERO collage for the front window space. We are thrilled and excited!

As many of you who follow Tenspeed Hero know, we organize ourselves here at Hero Headquarters around something we call The Summer Studio. This summer Rebecca Goesling first joined our project New Catalogue to design the lighting for our exhibit at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Her humor, wit, curious glances, Illustrator chops and shared love of making things prompted us to ask her stay longer. She accepted and we are better for it. We also thank Claire Everett, Ria Roberts, Camille Aumoite and Carson Fisk-Vittori who made indelible contributions to our tour coverage and this exhibit. As with all things Tenspeed Hero, collaboration with our studio assistants/friends is what makes doing TSH so complete.

“The Joyful Science of Occupying Squares”

Today in the studio/on the beach we have been catching up on the latest news on Pussy Riot. It is 70 degrees and overcast. The fighter planes are showing off overhead (Chicago Air Show) and we quietly protest, printing images of the Tour de France via bluetooth for our upcoming show in San Fransisco, while reciting Pussy Riot lyrics: “The joyful science of occupying squares… Revolt in Russia – Riot Riot !” This feminist spirit is taking us through the workday and getting us psyched about the Bay Area, they’re into that right? Pussy Riot, the Russian Feminist Punk band of which three members were just sentenced to 2 years in prison, for singing in a church, want us to know that their “so-called” contemporary art performance is an act of truth, and an expression of individual freedom. They are the true heroes today. Look for our small homage to them in San Francisco!

Snoop Lion

In other news, we would also like to express our solidarity with Snoop Lion.