Interview with a Tenspeed Hero Intern

TSH: What is your name? Intern: Stephen. TSH: Why do you want to work with Tenspeed Hero? Intern: Because I can’t afford to move to Boulder to work for Velo News. TSH: Did you study journalism in college? Intern: No. TSH: Creative Writing? Marketing? Graphic Design? Intern: Nope. TSH: What then? Intern: Fine Arts. TSH: Hmmm. Ok let me describe a situation for you. Shimano has just sent a fax and they want to do a major ad buy. At the same time Campagnolo is on the phone and they also have a proposal. To add to the chaos, a SRAM representative walks in the door and wants to talk numbers. What do you do? Intern: This is easy. First I tell the SRAM rep that he can have all the ad space in July, because Alberto is likely going to win the Tour. Just in case Alberto voluntarily withdraws until his CAS hearing you have an excellent dark horse in Chris Horner with Radio Shack. He is definitely going to out time trial the Schlecks, so in July SRAM can do no wrong for the Ad purchases. For Campagnolo I will try to sell December-February because Campy heads during the winter’s dark days start thinking of building their Euro-Machine and the “Dream Build”…and seriously July has not been the biggest month for them. This leaves Shimano…kind of tough but let us give them the Vuelta and the World Championships because HTC-Highroad has the sprinters grinding it out on DI2 and though Copenhagen is going to be tougher than people give it credit, it is still a sprinters race. Cav will rock it. After a tough spring he is going to be pissed and looking for the big one. TSH: You’re hired.