jacob hashimoto at rhona hoffman

super-elastic collisions
(origins, and distant derivations)

If you happen to be in Chicago from now until October 20, make sure to stop in and visit the Rhona Hoffman Gallery to see Jacob Hashimoto’s new installation. Below are a few pictures of Gas Giant and not pictured below (due to a malfunctioning wide angle lens) is another fantastic piece entitled, super-elastic collisions and distant derivations. What may be our favorite thing about his work is how it forces you to move and reconsider the moment again and again. Hundreds of lines, shadows, and colors (some nice TDF references wink, wink) do not confound but are about the closest thing you can get to a quaking aspen in autumn or waking up under the stars in the Alps.

Jacob was departing the School of the Art Institute in 1996 right when some of us landed in Chicago but no matter our late arrival we caught a few glimpses of him. Plus, like most Heroes he hails from the western side of the Mississippi, so we were are cosmically bonded by growing up near fertile apple orchards, blue mountians and deep rivers of the Pacific Northwest. If you find his art work as compelling as we do and but do not have the apple orchard connection that most of the Heroes have, he is also a rider of quality, spending many a summer month climbing the Stelvio and the roads around Verona.