Europe, Transitions, And General Accounting

The Whole Thing Seems so remote now that I cannot say what was sea change and what had already happened on land

M. F. K. Fisher


The Heroes are in a bit of a transition. We have closed our summer studio and are attempting a transition to autumn schedules of teaching, studying and chilly morning rides. Tenspeed Hero is always on our mind and good things are coming but we would be fooling ourselves if we did not remark on how much we missed working seven days a week on the Tour de France. Work and friendship are beautiful things. We still have a small list of summer projects we completed for this online fanzine so stay tuned for more illustrations, writing and race reports from Holland.


On Sunday night we return to Europe. We are going back to reconnect with some Belgian teenage racers to query about their first year hitting 80k circuits. Their names are Dean and Nicolas and the photograph above this post reveals the passion and humility of racing at any level. Next on the list is visiting some friends studying at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles. This school, rising from the ashes of the École des Beaux-Arts in 1969, is housed in the very old and very sublime stables of Versailles. Keep a look out for a photo essay of this magical space. On our way to Limburg to cover the World Championships we are stopping off to visit with artist Floris Neusüss. Born in 1937, this photographer has been experimenting with the photogram since the 1960’s. When you think about pioneer-Henry Fox Talbot, Bauhausian-László Moholy-Nagy, Dadaist-Man Ray, think of Experimental-Neusüss in the same breath. We are so excited to visit his studio and to witness a life-time of art making.

Rapha Cycle Club San Francisco

Our exhibit at the Rapha Cycle Club San Francisco is up through the month of September so if you happen to be walking around that fair city stop in and grab a cup of coffee with store captain, Dante Campanile. In 21 prints, Tenspeed Hero, Becca Goesling did a fantastic job assembling the color, dimension and personality of this year’s Tour de France. When we are tossing back pints of Wisconsin beer she likes to suggest that we write the definitive graphic novel of the 2012 Tour. All kinds of Heroness and human suffering are being visualized. Maybe during one of Illinois’s famous blizzards we will rally around the computer and see if we can conjure the doubting looks of “super-domestique” Chris Froome. We picture him now on the Team Sky Paddy-Waggon, his mind buzzing, loyalty being questioned, asking himself “Was this my chance?” Hmmm maybe we will not wait for this blizzard. “Becca..where are you?”