Kid’s Tour of Flanders

The classics are over for now, and we cannot help but be steeped in a deep nostalgia for the days we were in Belgium, cutting our teeth in professional cycling journalism at the Ronde Van Vlaanderen. With wide eyes and hopes of that tack sharp shot of Spartacus we stalked the Kapel Muur on the morning of the race. Perched on the Muur’s steepest grade I chose the spot I was certain would be decisive in that day’s Ronde. I waited patiently, listening to Flemish conversion, taking in smells of early morning Jupiler and mossy cobbles. I watched intently, checked my focus and prepared the perfect composition. Earlier than expected, I began to hear crowds cheering and bells ringing. Which classics powerhouse would round the corner first? Boonen? Cancellara? An eight year old on a bike worth his first of year of college tuition! It was the Kid’s Tour of Flanders, the true Heroes, in all their pain, glory and sponsored professional kits. Chapeau small Heroes! Your courage, like your cap, is “one size fits all.”