Leave it on the road

On July 3, 2013 Michael Tabtabai and Andrew Hudon rode into Monee, Illinois. The day had taken them 180 miles through the glaciated plains of southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Their mission is to LEAVE IT ON THE ROAD,raise funds and by sharing their ride, provide inspiration for those fighting cancer. 24 days and 3500 miles (coast to coast) and a bid to raise $52,000. Their partners in valiant effort are the Colon Cancer Alliance and The Colon Club.

Tenspeed Hero fellows Sam, Luke and Eon drove down from Chicago and waited by the roadside to meet Michael and Andrew and say hello. Around 9pm they saw two silhouetted riders amongst lightning bugs, trucker headlights and rosey dusk on the horizon. After showers and fresh clothes they all headed over to Gracie’s Lucky Burrito II. 

Conversations and questions centered on quality of sleep, gravel roads, headwinds, tail winds, ice packs, places one must ride, places one must avoid, and the limitations of small talk while riding. It was reported a waitress said she had never seen one man (Michael Tabtabai) order (let alone eat) so much food. At times the gentlemen riders regaled the Heroes with John Muir like descriptions of the west and a David Lynch like tale of Mr. Tabtabai being eyeballed by a tattooed Neo-Nazi-Cook at a grass fed steak-house establishment in Wyoming. If the last sentence makes no sense, then buy Mr. Tabtabai a giant maple bar and a beer when this ride is over and ask him to explain. And if that sentence made no sense ask Andrew about how much Michael loves Maple Bars.

The night finished with a few glances upon the spanish language Evening News from a television perched above the front entrance to the restaurant. A newscaster spoke plainly of Forest Fires, Egypitian Coup’s, Safety Measures, and parachute fails. Though this captured the attention of the Tenspeed Heroes and the real Heroes of Leave it on the Road, they quickly returned to the drama at hand, more laughter, a few more stories and then a walk back to the hotel. Bye Bye from TSH. Be safe and Good luck.