Dear Chris King, TDF and Method Bicycles

Dear Chris King,

First we speak for everyone. Last year we acquired some hubs, R45 hubs to be exact, in a color you describe simply as “green”. We really appreciate the brevity of the way you discuss color. It speaks of your primary concern as maker of long lasting and high quality bike parts and not of a paint chip colorist at the Benjamin Moore Design Studio. Anyway we must get something off our Hero Shield, we are starting a campaign to implore you to start making your own skewers. The reasons are obvious but putting other skewers on your hubs is kinda of like putting Dura Ace Skewers on a set of Campagnolo Record Hubs or vice versa. However, as this is the first time we have mentioned this to you we want to be gentle and encouraging. Encouragement No. 1 starts off like this: “Chris King! Would it not be cool to see your name on a set of Chris King Skewers??” Down the road we may not be so gentle, in fact we may get desperate, so please, please make some beautifully designed Skewers that are strong, light, and precise.

Dear TDF,
Islands are cool. We loved the boats!, we loved Corsica! and we love the way you are starting this year. Instead of introducing the Tour with the drama and scourge of drugs, you launched the grand boucle with bit of a comedy by having the Orica GreenEdge bus run into the finish line. Bravo! And the bus is already tweeting! It was a relief to not have to relive the last 20 years. Moving the finish line was brilliant and unexpected. Not formula one but brilliant. Our only advice is to keep the comedy up during all rest days and flat stages and to keep the drama in the Alps and the Pyrenees, otherwise we will have to resort to a Hero Drinking game which is no way to exit July in the shape we want to be in for August. Just in case anyone is wondering about the rules of this drinking game, its one sip every time someone mentions “marginal gains”, two sips if Phil + Paul or a stage winner says “new cycling” “old guard” or “new generation.” A mention of the”suitcase of courage” will have you shot-gunning a beer.” Keg-Stand must commence if anyone is found to have a produced a non-analytic finding during the tour.

Dear Method Bicycle,

Thank you for the amazing bike today! Pictures soon!