Lisa De Geweldige

Just a little over a year ago, Luke, Ben, and Todd were standing on a street corner in Ghent, as they are wont to do. A group of art students approached them and asked if they wanted to be in a video– most likely due to their amiable demeanor and sartorial excellence. Thanks to Heroic charisma and social networking, this chance encounter turned into lasting friendship. Proving just how intrinsic cycling is to Belgian life, or perhaps how strongly the cycling gods guide us, Lisa’s grandfather is Julien DeVries, the legendary team mechanic. We were lucky enough to met up with Lisa last week at the KASK student cafe to talk about Belgium, art, and her feelings about the sport. (Check out some of her work here!)

Tenspeed Hero: Who are you?

Lisa: My name’s Lisa De Vriese, I’m 20 years old and I’m an illustration student at KASK Ghent. And I like Llamas, very much.

Tenspeed Hero: Where is your favorite place to be in Ghent?

Lisa: I have two favorite places, the first one is a cafe called “Pink Flamigo’s”, it’s near Sint Jacobs. I like it because it’s kitsch and has this retro feel. They also change the decoration from time to time, they once decorated the place with pictures from David Lynch movies. And I like their milkshakes The second one is called Julie’s house, where they have THE best Moelleux pie.

Tenspeed Hero: Why are you in Art School?

Lisa: Because I passed the entrance exam, I didn’t do anything artistic before I got in KASK, the only thing I did was making lousy drawings which they found funny. I really wanted to be an art student/illustrator, because it gives me an opportunity to tell my story and make people laugh with my pictures. And I wouldn’t be able to concentrate long enough on the courses medical students get.

Tenspeed Hero: What do you think about while riding the train from Oudenaarde to Ghent?

Lisa: Mostly I just read and observate other people on the train, you’d be amazed how many silly and funny stories you’d hear, especially from 14 year old girls. It’s inspiring as well for my work.

Tenspeed Hero: What makes someone funny?

Lisa: When a person doesn’t take him/herself too seriously, and is able to laugh with anything. I like silly people.

Tenspeed Hero: If you have a few Euros to spend what would you spend it on?

Lisa: I’d probably save them to buy more books – it’s a recent addiction of mine-, there are so many nice books I don’t have yet. Or buy pie, that’s an option as well.

Tenspeed Hero: Do you care if Tom Boonen wins the Ronde?

Lisa: Not really, no.

Tenspeed Hero: The cold wind or the boiling sun?

Lisa: Depends on what occasion I’m dressed for. But at this point I think I had enough of the cold weather.