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22nd Birthday Guide to Ghent

For those of you that check TSH daily in hopes of good 22nd birthday tips whilst in Ghent, I am…

Oyster Truck

Ghent’s Oyster Truck

There is a old Citroën truck that sits at the Groentenmarkt on sunny weekends. At this truck you can buy…


Tenspeed Hero Is Charmed by Your Charms

We are coming up on a year since we launched Tenspeed Hero and we think we maybe getting closer to…


Some Drawings By Lisa In English and Dutch

Tenspeed Hero has made many friends in Ghent while we typed in cafes and got lost on its cobbled streets….


Lisa De Geweldige

Just a little over a year ago, Luke, Ben, and Todd were standing on a street corner in Ghent, as…

Le Jardin Bohémien

Le Jardin Bohémien: A Cafe + More in Ghent

by Ria Roberts / While in Ghent, Luke and I often went on dérives; we did this first of all…


Photographs By Moto, Foot or Vespa

Or how a race feels By Neil Donnelly and Luke Batten / Documenting a race by Helicopter, Moto, Bicycle, Team…


Heroes In Ghent/Gand: New Greys

When traveling it is important to pick a place to start your day every morning, to talk about the night…