Neil Rodgers Speaks or Types!

Velo News’ own Neil Rodgers (who we do not know) has called Wouter Vandenhaute’s (who we also do not know) newly designed 2012 Tour of Flanders route, which chose Oudnenaarde as the finish and withdrew the famed climb of the Muur de Geraardsbergen, Blasphemous. In a bold headline he declares: Opinion: New Flanders Route is Blasphemous. You may remember the Heroes signed a petition (we were drunk) to keep the Ronde in Ninove (the people serving us drinks love Ninove), so we are nominally, at least on the record, are on Neil Rodger’s side.

We Heroes first want to say two things, number one, this is the first thing we read once we touched down in Brussels on this your introduction to Tenspeed Hero coverage of Flanders Week. Number two, while in Belgium we do not want to get in the way of Neil Rodger’s wrath but it prompted to the entire Hero crew to play a game while we waited for Sixt Car Rental to find our Citroen. We call it Re-title Neil Rodger’s opinion piece. So here it goes:

New Ronde Route is Stupid

Neil Rodgers declares Fatwa on New Flanders Route

Fabian Cancellara Says so!

Vandenhaute Steals Race From The people!

Neil Rodgers shows up to Belgium with a pocket full of Nails

Mr. Rodgers, Editor in Chief, goes on to offer,

“If there is no race more sacred to racing fans than De Ronde, how much more sacred can you get than a chapel at the top of the race’s most decisive climb?”

At the end of the day the Heroes want to give some love to Vadenhaute because when Neil Rodgers call’s God off the journalistic bench, Vandenhaute does not have much of a chance. We Heroes will wait and see how the race plays out but not matter its outcome we offer to buy Rodger’s and Vadenhaute a Jupiler and watch them hug it out over a brilliant race, which the Ronde always is.

On a final note, The Tenspeed Heroes asked one our friends who hails from Oudenaarde what she thought of the new course and she offered these thoughts:

“We will be shut in our houses it will be impossible to move!”

There you go, maybe the best title of all! More Hero dispatches coming soon!