Polar Vortex, Boulder, Gulf Shores + SALE

Winter Conundrum + Sale

Here at Hero Headquarters we are faced with a conundrum or two. The Polar Vortex, as lovely as it has been, has gotten the notion of travel in our collective heads. Once that seed takes root the only thing to do is nurture it. Enter conundrum number one. There is a major UCI cycling event happening in Boulder, Colorado (National Cyclocross Championships). On the other hand, there is a warm Gulf of Mexico a few short hours south of Chicago. True, Boulder will be warmer than Chicago as is normal in the winter, but Gulf Shores Alabama will be warmer than Boulder – also normal during the winter. Luke and Jonathan are familiar with Boulder. Luke used to live there and Jonathan has many friends there (perhaps you are one of them).

This familiarity breeds two things that just add to the conundrums: comfort and contempt. On the other hand, neither Luke nor Jonathan has been to Alabama nor the Gulf coast. So that adds the thrill of the unknown but the flipside of that is, of course, the fear of the unknown. The conundrums keep piling up. Here is another: Boulder is 1017 miles away and Gulf Shores 937 miles away. Gulf Shores is closer, but there are fewer UCI cycling championships down there this weekend. One fewer, but one is a lot in this case.

We will load the car, get the motor running, and head out on the highway. We may not decide where we are going until we hit an onramp.

In other news we have been putting SALE ITEMS in our store in an attempt to clear the decks for our Spring Launch!