Rapha-Focus: Verona Gallery

Jeremy Powers

Jeremy Powers attack on the second to the last lap gave him a few moments alone at the finish line. It was just enough time to take a few deep breaths as he quickly folded into the arms of Rapha-Focus team staff. In seconds the rush came. Powers, a veteran of many campaigns, has been swarmed by cameras and rounding high-fives many times, but on this day in Verona it was as National Champion.

Zach McDonald

Zach McDonald is a study in contrasts. In Saturday he wheelie-d in first place across the finish line in the Under 23 race with a flare that echoed road sprinter Robbie McEwan (Let it be known that McEwan wheelies before, during and after almost every race). On Sunday, Zach amazed again with a sterling fourth -place in the Elite Division, just seconds off of the podium. At the finish line he told his story to reporters with a quieter demeanor often closing his eyes while searching for the exact details.

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones. A mechanical forced him to run his bike a distance away from the pit area. On his new machine his sixth-placed finish revealed his class. Coming in after his teammates, Christopher found Powers while being interviewed and briefly interrupted the expected questions with a shout and a high-five on this warm day in Verona.