Rapha, Hamburger Eyeland, Mel Bochner

The Rapha City Wind Jacket: zippers! pockets! french seams! lazer-cut vents!

This City Wind Jacket is worn by artist Stephen Eichhorn. His work can be seen here and of course here and if you need to see more, here. The T-Shirt he is wearing is by the zinesters known as Hamburger Eyeland. Stephen is a good friend to the Heroes and a small editon of hand-cut artist books about last year’s Tour de France will be forthcoming. For his portrait we placed him in front of a Mel Bochner painting at Hero Headquarters. When we took this photograph we did not realize the synchronicity of color (Sneakers, Dewalt Drill, officeMax boxes, Drafting Triangle). In a sparsely worded critique of all the made things depicted in said photograph, we offer this, we are constantly amazed on how many ways one can skin a cat.