Silca Floor Pump: It Goes with the Bike

A Saturday morning stroll through Chicago’s North Shore can leave a Hero with glassy-eyed garage sale dreams of Super Record Colnagos. When you are not seeing stars (or clovers) you are more likely to discover a divorcee and a Dave Scott Centurion complete with a dollar bill and an old tube in a faded seat bag. When she says “everything goes with the bike” remember this quote from my father: “I want all my entitlements.” Look into the corner of the garage, in the rafters, on the tool bench. You just might find a royal blue Columbus Steel Silca Floor pump. Crafted in Italy, with a body of venerable Columbus Steel, this pump is fully serviceable with parts still manufactured to this day. Its slender form and gently curved hose routing contribute to an elegance rivaling an Arabesque Penchée of Margot Fonteyn. Wipe the cobwebs from its gauges, oil the seals and replace the chuck if you desire. This will be your pump for as long as your tires need air.