Tenspeed Hero / JP Graziano Team Launch

We invite you to join the Tenspeed Hero/J.P. Graziano Racing Team and Les Petites Victoires Racing Team on Saturday May 11th, 7-11PM at J.P. Graziano Grocery Company in Chicago Illinois for their team launch and fundraiser. $5 dollars at the door gets you Beer and Italian Sandwiches and the knowledge that you are supporting two of the most beautiful teams to dodge pot holes in the greater Chicagoland area.

Raffle items from Rapha, Babici, Tenspeed Hero, La Colombe Torrefaction will be on offer! Come view the beautiful Method/Tenspeed Hero collaboration produced by Garry Alderman’s Method Bicycle. The location to plug into your mobile computer is 901 West Randolph! Come Celebrate With the Heroes!

The good folks at Rapha in Portland answered the raffle call to help out our Women’s and Men’s Team. Yes, in this musette a very lucky Hero will find some Team Sky goodies including a Pro Team Jersey, Caps, Winter Collar, a Team Sky Belt and so much more! We will have a TSH Photo set of these amazing Team SKY products in the next few days.

You may have noticed a few months ago we did a photo-set of Babici’s Mundial Jersey Collection. I think we said something like Babici! Babici! Babici – Artemide! Artemide! Artemide! This apparel company hails from Australia and we think they have made a sharp collection. Director of North American Operations, Mr. Michael Emery graciously donated these items to support our women’s team, Les Petites Victoires, to help pay for petrol and road tolls as they criss-cross the midwest! Cady, Jannette and Mia send love and thanks for helping them for the 2013 Campaign!