Thomas Voekler Wins Stage ten of the 2012 Tour De France

Bellegarde-sur-Valserine 148km

For a guy who has “no talent” – he’s not a climber, not a time-trialist, and not a sprinter – he sure does well in the Tour de France. Thomas Voekler has a total of 20 days in the Maillot Jaune, 15 days in the Maillot Blanc, three stages of the Tour de France (including one today), and a lowly 4th in last year’s Tour de France. How does Voekler manage to get 4th in the Tour and not have visions or delusions (choose one) of winning the race? There are some riders with less potential (worse) than Thomas Voekler who, in the back of their minds, think they can win the Tour de France.

Yet it is a long way from 4th to 1st. Voekler does not consider himself a threat for the overall victory. He never has. He knows he cannot out-climb the likes of Contador, or Andy Schleck. What? Contador and Andy Schleck are not in this years Tour? In that case maybe Voekler should consider the overall victory. Not this year’s but why not next year’s?

Jens Voigt heroically chased and caught the Voekler group, illustrating why Jens is a favorite of so many fans. And then even more heroically, Voekler won the stage after so much time in a break, illustrating why he is the favorite of so many fans.