Luis Leon Sanchez wins stage fourteen of the 2012 tdf

Limoux – Foix 191 km

It is sort of a bummer for Luis León Sánchez that his stage win was overshadowed by sabotage! Yes, that is an exclamation point – or exclamation mark for our friends in England, Australia and probably Canada. We agree that that punctuation should not be used lightly but the word “sabotage!” looks good with and exclamation point and sabotage! at the Tour de France makes us want to yell, so there you have it. As you probably have heard by now, someone or some group, Wile E. Coyote or al-Qaeda perhaps, spread tacks on the course. It is probably best to ignore the event thus denying the perpetrators the satisfaction, but Becca made such an awesome illustration that there was no way we were not going to use it. So, we hope you are satisfied and maybe you will buy the print inspired by your dirty work and hang it on a wall in your hideout.

If you go back and look at your race video you will see that clever Sanchez attacked when inexperienced Sagan was attempting to unwrap an energy bar. The old, “attack when your opponent is occupied with a delicious snack” ploy. I for one have been dropped when my opponent employed the similar “attack while Jonathan is occupied trying to identify a bird” ploy. From now on we bet Sagan will do like veteran riders and eat the wrapper.