Weekly Feature- Brazil Jersey

This weeks pairing – TSH Brazil Jersey (Men & Women) + Green Tube Socks!

Get a free pair of Green Tube Socks with purchase of men’s or women’s Brazil Jersey. Just specify what size sock you want in the comment section @ checkout 🙂

In Brazil, they celebrate Carnival (Mardi Gras / Carnaval) with color and dancing and music and glitter and gilt and lots of bare skin in the bright sun. With abandon and with joy and with revelry and with history and with dancing and with cachaça.
Tenspeed Hero is, was, and will be inspired by architecture and by architects. By the sensual curves of a delicately planned structure, by a graceful line or a strong line that is both functional and pleasing to the eye, and by the individuals and groups who create this lasting and all-reaching form of design. While we were in Brazil lately, we were inspired specifically by Oscar Niemeyer.
We humans see patterns everywhere (even where they don’t exist.) We long for patterns, for regularity and order. We revel and are comforted by patterns revealing themselves in nature, and we create them for beauty, for function, and for satisfaction. The waves of the sea, the ripples of sand on the ocean floor far below. The staccato march of transmission towers carrying electricity across fertile fields, the regularity of streetlights strung out on the hill that dips down and back up in front of your headlights.
At Carnival in Brazil, if you are enjoying the holiday in any way, you are a folião; a reveler. With this blue and green and bright jersey inspired by Niemeyer’s structures and by the colors and patterns of Rio and Brasilia and Sao Paolo, we are asking you to revel in life and in color and in the patterns of our existence, both positive and negative. Revel in your daily commute, or your intense practice run, or when you wear your jersey because you just like the way it looks (bike or no.) Embrace the ups, and the downs, and the positives and the negatives. Be a folião of life.