Zeus, Not Made in Greece

Rouleur’s latest issue has a lovely piece on Zeus Industrial S.A. What else could be done but to follow suit? Sort of like the way Zeus tried it’s best to be as good or better than Campagnolo by buying Campy parts, dissecting them and attempting to improve them. The issue in hand was bought from Gage + Desoto but it has not been dissected, for it is futile to try to improve on Rouleur.

Rouleur rightly mentions the importance of remembering that Zeus was a Basque-owned company. Let us also remember than Boise Idaho, home of one of Tenspeed Hero’s many HQs, is rich in Basque culture (with little or at least no noticeable ETA presence). If you ever plan a trip to Boise, check with the Basque center for the next Basque Bingo and all you can eat blood sausage night.

This Zeus is one of Jenny from PR’s steeds. Jenny also has two horses, Athos and Intrepid.