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Midshipman's Hitch

Almost Nine Knots

Bowline / Butterfly Knot / Fisherman’s Eye / Sheepshank / Chain Knot / Midshipman’s Hitch / Flemmish Knot / Clove…


Alpaca Shearing, Tenspeed Hero West

In Boise Idaho, at Tenspeed Hero Farm (not really called that but for the sake of this post we can…

cover image for Fulton Cold Storage


Photographs by Samuel Copeland / Brick by brick this city has been built and torn down a thousand times. The…

The Odyssey

Winter Reading

Some say the word hero is an overused, overly grand word, like genius. Picasso, for example, was a genius, and…

Bike Arena

No Chain Day

Or tires or cables / This lovely bicycle (now there’s a good name for a blog) has been here before….



Jenny from PR has come to the realization that she only needs three bikes. We know. You try to raise…

Method Bicycle

Method Bicycle’s New Build

Handcrafted in Chicago  / New Product shows up in your local shop all year long but there is nothing like…


Tenspeed Hero Rustic Headquarters

Meanwhile, back in the states, a couple of Heroes scoured the Sierra Nevada for rustic high altitude Hero headquarters. While…


Europe, Transitions, And General Accounting

The Whole Thing Seems so remote now that I cannot say what was sea change and what had already happened…


Short Fiction For l’âge de dopage

Words by Luke Batten, Jonathan Sadler and Carson Fisk-Vittori / Illustration by Becca Goesling / The USS Madone / The…

Tenspeed Hero Jersey

New Hero Store Is Coming Soon and Some Hero News

First / Today we have been chatting with lots of folks about our Tenspeed Hero Club Socks and our Les…

Hero Headquarters, black and white

Hero Headquarters

After a year of running this online cycling journal we present to you the plans of our future based upon…