About Tenspeed Hero + the new store

Tenspeed Hero is an independent successful blog of friendship that has shipping capacity

This website was originally created by Luke Batten and Jonathan Sadler as a diversion from their artist project New Catalogue. Its transition from humble blog to internationally recognized online cycling journal (with the web’s most stylish store) was made possible by friend and graphic designer Neil Donnelly.

You may call us Heroes. We will call you Heroes. Our Headquarters–located in Chicago, Ghent, and a small cabin in Northern California– are staffed by young women and men who are handy with pencils, pens, words, cameras, computers, exacto blades, needlepoint, log splitting, pugs, puns (Shakespearean and otherwise), buns, french braiding, french pressing, the smörgås, gift wrapping, walking to the cafe and back, and using water bottles and canvas totes as eco-friendly carrying devices but also as modes of self-expression.

We revel in critical tweets and relevant hashtags, gazing out windows for inspiration or relaxation and of course watching cycling with the passion and fervor of a thousand Spartan soldiers.

In the coming year we hope to build an organic rooftop kale garden and a world champion striped heli-pad for our big black helicopter. We’re also trying to sell some t-shirts, socks and jerseys and maybe publish a book.

We sponsor a belgian youth team by the name of KSC Denderstreek Labiekes, a women’s team by the name of Les Petites Victoires, and mens team by the name of Tenspeed Hero/JP GRAZIANO.

The table we work around is sturdy enough for us all to dance on.


There is of course a certain mythology in the “reality” of being an independent, successful blog of friendship that has shipping capacity. However, we assure you it is our goal to ship our t-shirts, jerseys, water bottles and socks as quickly as we can. Domestic orders over 150 dollars are free and International orders are a flat 20 dollars.

New Jerseys Will Be in the store Soon!