There will be Jerseys

and accessories, furnishings, technology holsters + prints

It’s almost ready. The time has nearly come. Tenspeed Heroes have been burning the midnight oil for weeks now, getting ready for our big store re-launch. And boy are we excited to bring you this new and improved TSH store, filled with all kinds of stuffs we have made! Many of the stuffs have been ideas in the back of our minds for a long while now, but through the beautiful and mysterious alchemy of creation they have now become Real Items. After an autumn & winter spent dreaming and making and finessing and laughing and nodding our heads yes, we are finally going to have a Proper Store. And we can’t wait to show it to you. Even more, we can’t wait to start sending out packages from Chicago to you Heroes around the world! From our minds and hearts and hands, to yours. Amen.