Beaches by Amelia Strong

A new pattern by Chilean illustrator Amelia Strong


Summertime is a call to the outdoors. To capture the sun within our very cells, to revel in the wind and the elements and the saturated vibrancy of nature at its most fertile. When we think of summer, we see the girl from Ipanema…Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs…generations of beach-goers on the Island of Capri or the shores of Normandie or along the Gold Coast. We see our childhood summers spent jumping into the lake, or the pool, or the river, after baking in the sun just the right amount…or avoiding the sun and seeking the shade along hot baked streets, and jumping for joy and longed-for coolness, when the water hydrants get flushed.

When we think of this jersey, we love to see how such sublime moments have been captured and given to us to carry with, along the trail or the city street, as we embrace the wind and sun of a summer ride.

Catch some sun, some poolside rays, and some self love in this jersey designed for us by Amelia Strong, and featuring 3 Italian made fabrics. Revel in the colors and textures of summer, with its brief—and that much sweeter because of its brevity—life spent needing the sun, but needing that blissful cool water, too. Dive on in!

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Plus a new cap with our friends at Rothera!