Everything (Meg)

We met Meg one day at the studio when she came by to pick up some TSH for her roommate. We talked some cycling and she told us about riding from Milwaukee to Chicago on fixies with her friends! We talked school. We talked TSH. We talked about her bike. Recently we had an idea to photograph someone in all of our current collection and some classic TSH so folks could more easily make the matchy matchy of their dreams. We asked Meg to come by for an everything post in our studio…well almost everything…4 hours later…. So here it is Meg in Everything. Thanks Meg! (We will post the same with David Reyes! on Friday!)

MEG IN EVERYTHING — Photographs by Carolina Gil-Pelayo


EL FUTURO, Inner Tube Jersey, Yellow Merino Socks

Black Sprinkles, Red Paper Boats, Grey Stealth, TSH T-SHIRT

Merino Wool Ball Cap, Cloud Jersey, Yellow Merino Wool Sock, Collage Jersey

Green Paper Boats, Blue Sprinkles, El Futuro, Yellow Sprinkles, Resort Bibs

White Sprinkle Crews, White Merino Striped Crews, Lavender Crew Socks, Chamonix Jersey

Rain Jacket (Worn as a crop top!), Resort Yellow Sweatshirt, Blue Cloud Crews, Collage Jersey, White Three Striped Crews.

Black Resort Sweatshirt, Yellow Sprinkles, Black Pro Bibs, Blue Sport socks

Yellow Merino Wool Crews, Green Paper Boats, Red Paper Boats, Blue Sprinkles, The Super Sock

Yellow Merino Wool Crews, Navy Resort Bibs, Chamonix Jersey, TSH Rain Jacket, Grey Stealth JerseyWhite Striped Merino Crews