January Prints Jersey and Sunshine Cap!

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Bianchi painted their bikes Celeste green for one or none of the following reasons: a. it was the color of the Milan sky, b. the color of Queen Margarita eye’s (she of the Margarita pizza) or c. there was a surplus of military paint. Tenspeed Hero and January Prints chose Celeste because it reminds us of Fausto Coppi, or Il Campionisimo to his fans, and because it stands out like a celeste redwood in a forest of grey oaks.

January Prints is Michelle Vondiziano. She was born on the island of Cyprus surrounded by the Mediterranean. We like to think her affinity with color and pattern are influenced by these island beginnings but these days we know her designs start out with a paint brush applied to fine papers with the daylight of a midwestern sky.

We made this jersey for Women + Men for the peak of the summer. Three fabrics make up its construction. A mesh weave for the sides, Our lightweight super soft weave for the chest and back and a lightweight lycra for the shoulders and sleeves. Standard features on TSH jerseys like a silicon waistline gripper, Three tapered rear pockets and a 4th zippered pocket are included. This jersey is made in a limited edition of 30 pieces for men and 30 pieces for women.


With the new Tenspeed Hero Sunshine Cap, the sun will always shine on you, even in the rain!