The Ultimate Women’s TSH Short Guide

Lots of Shorts

Tenspeed Hero is reaching higher places and raising some of our women’s bib short inseams while we are at it. Our newest specialization to our line of women’s bib shorts is the 7 1/2 inch inseam for our Pro Short and our Team Short. We also added a 6 1/2 inch inseam in our black label shorts. Here at TSH we are committed to providing our women cyclists with the best fit for their kit. By adding yet another inseam length you are able to reach an even higher level of customization when building your cycling gear collection. Maybe in these summer month’s you want to feel more of a breeze when you climb behemoth mountains or ride along your favorite lakeside path. Maybe you’ve never felt that standard length bib shorts are right for you. When you go shopping for jeans you expect to find the inseam that fits you and now you can have that when you buy your next pair of bib shorts with Tenspeed Hero. Here at TSH we aren’t about to pinhole you into a single length for a bib short and want to give you a full range of choices. The ability to choose is a powerful thing.

Pro Shorts

Pro Shorts are the ultimate short for a host of reasons. Ergonomic cut with four different italian made fabrics making up the body. Why four fabrics? For starters we put the most durable lycra around the chamois where the short gets the most wear and demands more resilience. The remaining three showcase variable elasticity for comfort and compression. The straps are magical because rather than riding on top of your athletic bra they hug the outside of your torso and bust. Reflective piping on the legs keep you safe when you extend your ride past sunset. We utilized a 45 mm leg gripper to keep the shorts in place and provide a smooth transition from thigh to quad. The women we support find the fit is similar to our club short. A small is a small and a medium is a medium. No reason to size down like our team shorts. We made these with a continuous 7.5 inseam (19.05 cm) throughout though we noticed these shorts are adjustable if you want to stretch them just a bit longer to have them match your current tan lines.

Team Shorts (7.5 inseam)

These new Team “shorter inseam” bib shorts are the same as our OG Team Shorts (still available), but we have standardized the inseam so they are 7.5 inches (19.05 cm) across all sizes. We have also changed the titanium mesh straps from white to black, to make these shorts stealthier than ever. Is it not annoying when you lift your arms at the finish line and your white bib belly shows? Yes, we thought so! They still sport our favorite women’s specific chamois, high compression lycra, ultra thin Thermotape straps, and our custom TSH monogrammed leg grippers. We would like to add that these shorts are our highest compression and most durable shorts we make. They feel snug all day long!

Black Label Shorts (6.5 inseam)

We are so happy to release these short shorts as a new option for you. These are “Team Shorts” in pattern but with a twist. First they are made with an extremely soft and giving lycra. Second, these bibs have a continuous 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) inseam at all sizes. They are just plain comfortable. Specs include: a 35 mm “TSH” monogrammed leg gripper, black titanium mesh straps, and our beloved firm and super soft women’s specific chamois. Ok so why did we make them???? We made them because we have daily conversations with women of all sizes and needs, and it was clear to us that women around 5 feet tall needed a short to show off their incredible quads. Also, as a side note, these shorts are for any woman (no matter her height) that want short shorts!

Women’s TSH Shorts

These shorts are another great option to have in your arsenal. They are extremely comfortable because they have no straps (which makes these especially convenient when you have to pee). TSH Shorts fit like our Club Bibs, but also have a 77 mm compression band, reflective crescent, ergonomic cut and flat lock stitching.

Club Bib Shorts

These are some of our most comfortable bibs, at least thats what we’ve been told time and time again by riders. Maybe it is the simplicity of these shorts that make them so perfect and quite honestly the most affordable. Number one the straps are the most forgiving straps in our line up because they are gentle on the shoulders and almost feel like they are not there! We have just updated these bibs to include the same chamois that is found in the Team Shorts. They still include high compression lycra, and a soft silicone leg gripper for control and seamless transition from thigh to quad.