Real World Fit Guide

A Work in Progress

We have been talking about doing this for the women who buy TSH for the last year. A real world size guide that not only shows a variety of women but also allows us to give voice to their preferences via the different pieces in our collection. This is a work in progress in the sense that we need to add more women, more body types, as a format to discuss sizing and preferences. Our goal is to have XS Women through XL represented over time. Though not complete yet, we hope this helps you determine the size and fit of our clothing. It’s a big deal spending money on clothes and having them shipped to your door. We want everyone to be happy when you open your package and then thrilled when you slip on the pieces on for your first ride! As always, if you have further questions you can always email us at (please include height, weight, and measurements)


105 Pounds, 31 inch Bust, 24 inch Waist, 30 1/2 inch Hips

160 cm Tall, 48 Kilograms, 78.75 cm Bust, 61 cm Waist, 77.5 cm Hips

(X-Small Jersey, Small Team Shorts, X-Small Pro bibs, X-Small Strapless Bibs)

Katie is wearing our Team Shorts in small, fits into our Club Shorts in x-small and wears jerseys in x-small across our line. The jersey is a comfortable fit and not too tight. Women with larger quads but essentially Katie’s height may find the Team Shorts a bit binding. With this in mind we are developing a shorter pair of team shorts to fit the quads in length and circumference better.


115 Pounds, 30.25 inch Bust, 25 inch Waist, 33.5 inch Hips

167.6 cm Tall, 52 Kilograms, 76.8 cm Bust, 63.5 cm Waist, 85 cm Hips

(X-Small Jersey, Small Team Shorts, X-Small Pro bibs)


121 Pounds, 34 inch Bust, 27 inch Waist, 36 inch Hips, 20.5 inch Quads

162 cm Tall, 55 Kilograms, 86.4 cm Bust, 68.6 cm Waist, 91.5 cm Hips, 52 cm Quads

(Small Jersey, Small Team Shorts, Small Pro Bibs, X-Small Strapless Bibs, Small CX Skin Suit)

Tricia is wearing small Team Shorts and a Small Jersey. Due to her muscularity and quad size, she also wears small Club Shorts. She finds the inseam a bit long for her leg length, and her dream is to have a 7.5 inch inseam which is an inch shorter than our current measurement. Because of this, expect to see 7.5 inch inseams across our line this summer.


128 Pounds, 33 inch Bust, 26.5 inch waist, 36.5 inch hips

173 cm Tall, 58 Kilograms, 84 cm Bust, 67.3 cm waist, 93 cm hips

(Small Jersey, Small Team Shorts, Small Pro Bibs, X-Small Strapless, Small CX and Resort Skinsuit)

Anne is wearing our team shorts in small, but is right on the edge of being a size medium. She likes a snug fit and tension on the straps, so she prefers the small bibs. Because she hovers between small and medium, Anne opts for small club shorts. She wears a small jersey across the board.


120 Pounds, 32 inch Bust, 26 inch Waist, 38 inch Hips, 20 inch Quads

167.7 cm Tall, 54.4 Kilograms, 81 cm Bust, 66 cm Waist, 96.5 cm Hips, 51 cm Quads

(Small Jersey, Medium Team Shorts, Small Strapless Bibs, Small CX Skin Suit)

Sophia wears a Small Jersey and Medium Team Shorts. She has a tiny waist and can fit an extra small jersey – but they tend to be a bit short in front, and can ride up easily. Sophia likes our new strapless bibs, but due to her small waist, there is some slack in the elastic.


123 Pounds, 32 inch Bust, 26 inch waist, 35 inch hips

173 cm tall, 55.8 Kilograms, 81.3 cm Bust, 66 cm waist, 89 cm hips

(Small Jersey, Medium Team Shorts, Small Pro Bibs, Small Strapless Bibs, Small CX and Resort Skinsuit, Medium Road Summer Skinsuit)

Dani wears a small jersey throughout our range, medium in Team Shorts, small in Club Shorts, small in skinsuits and x-small in arm warmers


134 Pounds, 33 inch Bust, 25 inch waist, 34 inch hips, 18 inch Quads

177.8 cm tall, 61 Kilograms, 84 cm Bust, 63.5 waist, 86.4 cm hips, 45.7 cm Quads

(Small Jersey, Medium Team Shorts, Small Strapless Bibs)

Kendall wears small jerseys across our range and medium Team Shorts. She has long legs, so she likes where our current inseam falls.


138 Pounds, 35.5 inch Bust, 28.5 inch waist, 37 inch hips, 22 inch Quads

179 cm, 62.6 kilograms, 90 cm Bust, 72.4 cm waist, 94 cm hips, 56 cm Quads

(Small Jersey, Medium Team Shorts, Small Strapless Bibs)

Oriane wears a small Jersey and medium Team Shorts. Due to her height, she wears medium Club Shorts as well. Her Jersey fits perfectly snug so if her bust were even an inch bigger, we would recommend her sizing up to a medium.


128 Pounds, 34 inch Bust, 27.75 inch waist, 38.5 inch hips, 20.5 inch Quads

168 cm Tall, 58 kilograms, 90 cm Bust, 70.5 cm waist, 98 cm hips, 52 cm Quads

(Small Jersey, Large Team Shorts, Medium Strapless Bibs)

Sydney prefers a small jersey across our line, Large team shorts, and Medium club shorts. Because she has a pretty long torso, the small jersey tends to ride up just a bit while she’s standing. She fits a medium jersey perfectly also, but she prefers the tightness of the Small. Sydney mentioned she had a hard time finding bibs with straps that are long enough to not feel restricting on her shoulders. This is one reason she wears a size Large.


138 Pounds, 32.5 inch Bust, 28 inch waist, 36.5 inch hips

62.6 Kg, 82.5 cm Bust, 71 cm waist, 92.7 cm hips

(Small Jersey, Large Team Shorts, Medium Pro Bibs)

Shawna fits snugly into our Small Jersey, but could have worn a medium if she wanted a little more room. She wore Medium Pro Shorts and Medium Club Shorts, so she would need to size up to Large in our Team Shorts.


140 Pounds, 35 inch Bust, 26 3/4 inch waist, 37 1/4 inch hips

177.8 cm tall, 63.5 kilograms, 89 cm Bust, 68 cm waist, 94.6 cm hips

(Medium Jersey, Large Team Shorts, Medium Strapless Bibs)

Megan wears a medium jersey throughout our range, large in Team Shorts, medium in Club Shorts.


155 Pounds, 36 inch Bust, 32 inch waist, 37 Hips

177.8 cm tall, 70.3 kilograms, 91.4 cm Bust, 81.3 cm waist, 93.9 cm hips

(Large Jersey, Large Team Shorts, Medium Strapless Bibs)

Sarah wears Large Jerseys across the line, and can sport a Men’s Small. She wears Large Team Shorts, and Medium Club bibs.


145 Pounds, 34 1/2 inch Bust, 27 1/2 inch waist, 35 1/2 inch hips

183 cm tall, 66 kilograms, 86.6 cm Bust, 70 cm waist, 90 cm hips

(Medium Jersey, Medium Team Shorts, Medium Strapless Bibs)

Laurel wears a medium jersey throughout our range, medium in Team Shorts, medium in Club Shorts.


140 Pounds, 33 1/4 inch Bust, 28 inch Waist, 38 inch Hips

178 cm tall, 63.5 kilograms, 84.5 cm Bust, 71 cm Waist, 96.5 cm Hips

(Medium Jersey, Large Team Bibs, Medium Strapless Bibs)

Kristen wears a medium Jersey across the board, Large Team Shorts, and Large Club bibs. She prefers a slightly longer inseam, and not an overly tight elastic band.


160 Pounds, 36 inch Bust, 29 inch Waist, 41.5 inch Hips, 23.25 inch Quads

178 cm tall, 72.6 kilograms, 91.4 cm Bust, 74 cm Waist, 105.4 cm Hips, 59 cm Quads

(Large Jersey, Large Team Shorts, Large Strapless Bibs)

Hannah wears a large jersey across the board, large Team Shorts, and large Club Shorts. Due to the high compression of our Team Shorts, Hannah commented that at first they seemed a bit tight, but after wearing them for a few minutes they seemed to relax and fit perfectly.

Some of our female customers have expressed interest in men’s cut jerseys. In order to help you decide if this could be helpful to you, we have provided comparison sizing below. Women who wear Large & X-Large Jerseys sometimes find the mens smaller cuts to be more accommodating in key areas, but beware – boxier fit.

Our friend Chrissie took the time to test the difference in fits. she said-

“I’m pear shaped with a big butt and little bird arms. The men’s small fits perfectly snug and I like the fit around my arms too. It’s a little more short in the front, but that shouldn’t be a problem (although I haven’t tried it riding yet). In comparison with the women’s xlarge it’s a little tight around the hips but it’ll stretch and I think it looks and feels just right. The [Oranges] jersey was really nice in length and I probably wouldn’t have minded the looser fit if the arms would’ve fit tighter. But that’s also because I’ve only worn boxier men’s jerseys before.”

Women’s Resort Oranges Jersey

Men’s Resort Lemons Jersey