TSH Racing Team Jersey

This TSH Racing Team Jersey is resplendent in appearance and yet stand forewarned, the images and words provided here elucidate none of its lustrous qualities. It hit the streets of Chicago a few weeks ago and we promise we heard a woman yell “ABBONDANZA!” at the corner of Halstead and Randolph within minutes. Molly Cameron used one word to describe it,“Fantastique!” Thanks Molly!

Inspired by the colors of Ellsworth Kelley’s Train Landscape, the jersey celebrates our sponsors; J.P. Graziano Grocery Company is the place we buy olives, pasta, and fresh made subs. We cannot tell you how many Chicago mornings, with messy hair and bedroom slippers, we have walked into their store to get Damato’s bread for our Nutella. Thanks Mrs. G! On our left shoulder is La Colombe Torrefaction. The little black dove greets us at 7am when they open and we get a hearty “hey boys…” from the baristas. Method Bicycle’s logo sits proudly upon our right shoulder. Garry Alderman is gentlemen, fine mechanic and a great frame builder.

Designed by Neil Donnelly, made by MOA/Nalini in Italy with the silkiest fabric you have ever felt upon your skin. Three rear pockets + a rear zipper. Full Zip. The fit is a touch bigger than Rapha by our measure.