Chris King Buzz, Hubs, TSH and Instagram

Last Spring we delivered Chris King R45 Hubs to Patrick Degeyter in Belgium to build wheels for young Belgian Heroes. Somewhere between the Brussels airport, our hotel and his shop, we spied some sheepskin and we decided these hubs needed a a quick photograph to reveal their magic powers. Months have gone by and after talking with the crew at Chris King we decided to unleash this photo for a caption contest. If you are interested in playing along, look for the above image and have your caption pointed @chriskingbuzz (instagram) or @tenspeedheroluke (instagram) and win a yet to be released Cielo T-Shirt and a special edition Tenspeed Hero Helicopter iPhone 5 case designed by Becca Goesling. All entries must be in by the end of Tuesday, February 12, 2013.